Drop In Anchor Zinc Yellow

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Drop In (Wedge) Anchors are internally threaded expansion anchors that are used in  pre-drilled holes. They comprise of a tubular expansion shield and a solid internal    cone-shaped plug. Fixing is achieved by inserting a compatible setting tool into the anchor and hitting it several times with a hammer until the shoulder of the tool is flush with the top of the anchor. This allows for the internal plug to be driven down through the shield forcing the four external segments of the shield outward and locking the anchor against the wall of the pre-drilled material.

Key Features

  • Simple installation
  • Flush fitting
  • Shallow embedment depth
  • Permanent fixing
  • Excellent holding power
  • Low costs on supply and installation


Ideally used in applications that requires a medium duty anchor for fixing into solid concrete. Typically used by contractors in the building, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning trades. Commonly used in overhead applications using threaded rod or bolts to secure suspended ceilings, fire sprinklers, light fixtures, ductwork, cable trays & pipe work. Can also be used in solid concrete walls or floors for attaching handrails, shelving, racking, stadium seating or machinery etc.

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