Credit Application Form

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By submitting this form the Purchaser agrees with the Company as follows:
  1. The Purchaser warrants to the Company the above information is accurate and correct and acknowledges it will be relied upon by the Company.
  2. The Purchaser agrees to make all payments due to the Company by the due date.
  3. The personal information provided or obtained in support of this application will be held by the Company and will be used by them for any/or of the following purposes:
    1. determining eligibility and terms for the granting of credit to the Purchaser;
    2. Supplying the Purchaser with goods and/or services.
    3. enforcing debts and other legal obligations owing to the Company; and if necessary disclosure to third parties associated with any of the foregoing purposes.

The Purchaser warrants that the person submitting this form is authorized to apply for credit.