FAR® KJ45 Air Rivnut Tool


FAR KJ45S is a heavy duty Air Rivnut Tool for production installation of rivet nuts up to M12 in all materials. The actuation principle is Spin-Pull, with the pull-stroke length being set mechanically. Mandrel change and stroke adjustment is uncomplicated. With the increased traction power, this tool is optimal for installing larger thread diameters and is essential (spin-pull actuation) in the instance of stainless steel and aluminium rivet nuts. Made in Italy, this tool has 12 months warranty.

Key Features

  • Setting Rivnuts up to M12
  • Fast and simple change of mandrel and nosepiece
  • Automatic rivet nut wind on
  • Fast setting cycle with forward/reverse trigger for optimum user control
  • Swivel airline fitting: 1/4" BSP thread
  • Quick and easy stroke adjustment
  • Spring balance attachment
  • Unique hydraulic oil refill system
  • Supplied in a lightweight plastic carry case

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