Bremick Multione Screws

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Bremick MultiOne is the worlds most advanced screw, a screw & drill bit in one! Designed and Engineered to screw into almost any material without pre-drilling*, making this the only screw that performs in multiple building and construction materials. Use MultiOne to fasten into Softwood, Hardwood, Treated Timbers, Composite boards, Laminated Boards, Brick, Block, Concrete & various metals.


  • MultiOne with a countersunk truss head where a flush finish is required e.g. in timber or in a pre-countersunk batten, beam & fittings
  • The screw features a high tech drill tip that drills into almost any material and a top-grip thread that locks the substrates together
  • B8 (Cat 5) coating is a hard wearing corrosion protection that is better performing than standard galvanised fastenings and used in outdoor applications
  • Each pack includes a T20 driver

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