Bostik Firecaulk

by Bostik
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New and improved Bostik Firecaulk is a non-sag acrylic for sealing low movement interior joints (up to +/-25%). It has been tested in accordance with AS1530.4-2014 and AS4072.1-2005 for gaps up to 40mm. Beige in colour it holds up to 4 hr fire and smoke stop. Fireban One is a one part polyurethane gun grade mastic. Designed for sealing joints and wall penetrations subject to high movement and high humidity, whilst retaining its original properties even after years of weather and UV exposure.

Firecaulk | Fire & Acoustic Rated Acrylic Sealant | Bostik

Recommended Uses

  • Vertical and horizontal joints
  • Sealing low movement interior construction joints (less then 5%) in masonry, plasterboard, concrete, precast panels, blocks and brick work, drywall systems, electrical cables and pipe penetrations, in conjunction with other systems such as fire collars, board systems, pillows and fire-rated mortars
  • Sealing service penetrations in plasterboard, concrete floors and masonry wall constructions
  • Sealing gaps around pipes, cables, ducts and servics which penetrate fire rated walls and floors
  • Fire rated cable penetration in concrete and masonry
  • Installation in fire rated sealant in concrete walls and floors
  • Sealing construction and expansion joints
  • Sealing joints in pre-cast panels
  • Perimeter sealing of door and window framing
  • Sealing gaps between faced and cladding panels to various building materials
  • For new construction and remedial applications
  • Application requiring acoustic properties or STC (Sound Transmission Co-efficient) rating
  • Approved for use in many GIB® acoustic rated systems (Refer document Lt0012012071A MJC Acoustic Sealant Opinions


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