Through Bolt Zinc Plate

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Through Bolts are pre-assembled single unit wedge type anchors that are used in solid concrete applications. They comprise of a partially threaded stud, which has a tapered end section, a captive expandable clip, nut and washer. Fixing is achieved by controlled torquing of the nut which draws the tapered section up into the clip, thereby expanding it outward and forcing the Through Bolt against the sidewall of the pre-drilled hole.

Key Features

  • Through Bolt diameter equals drilled hole diameter
  • Simple installation through object to be fastened
  • Good performance in tensile, shear and loading capacity
  • Variety of diameters & lengths to suit different applications
  • Low costs on supply and installation
  • Can be immediately used


Used in applications that require a heavy to medium duty anchor for fixing into solid concrete. Typically used by contractors in the building, electrical, HVAC and steel trades. Commonly used where through fastening of parts to concrete are required such as metal angles, ties, brackets, traffic barriers, shelving, balustrade, machinery etc; and through timber beams, railings, posts, stairways etc.

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