CRC Food Grade Dry Lube

by CRC
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CRC Food Grade Dry Lube is a technically advanced multi-purpose dry film lubricant that is applied wet, and cures to a dry, non-staining micro thin film of submicron PTFE particles. It penetrates and bonds to metal, wood, rubber, plastic, glass and most other surfaces and provides long lasting lubrication where conventional wet film lubricants are difficult to apply or retain.  CRC Food Grade Dry Lube is ideal for lubrication in dusty environments where contaminants or airborne food particles might interfere with conventional wet lubricants.

CRC Food Grade Dry Lube prevents sticking, reducing friction, heat and wear with a very low coefficient of friction over a wide temperature range. Will not melt, freeze, run, pool or contaminate in-process materials.

CRC Food Grade Dry Lube is ideal for sliding mechanisms and on extreme heavy loads to reduce wear and prevent galling or seizing. For mechanisms that are operated at infrequent intervals or are lubricated for life.

Wide temperature range from -20°C to +250°C. MPI Approved C15. NZ AsureQuality assessment for food/beverage including dairy factories with incidental contact.

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