Chemtools Citra Grit Hand Cleaner

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Kleanitize™ Citra-Grit Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a premium, industrial strength hand wash containing an active chelating ingredient that binds with common heavy metals, allowing them to be washed away with water. Its solvent-free formula neutralises strong workshop odours and kills a broad array of bacterial germs without stinging or burning cuts, scrapes, and open wounds, leaving skin feeling smooth and smelling pleasant.

Kleanitize™ Hand Cleaner removes the toughest soils, including grease, paint, ink, oil, and industrial carbons, without causing dryness or cracked nails like other industrial soaps. Its ultra-fine exfoliating particles will soften hard-working hands without scratching or irritating sensitive skin, washing easily away without banking up in sinks and drains.

Highly recommended for all workshops and manufacturing facilities.

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