Reorder Template

Reorder Template

How to set up a Reorder Template

Have similar products that are consistently purchased, set up a reorder template and purchasing will become more convenient, more accurate and so much quicker.

Here’s how to set up a reorder template in the Allfast Website

  • Login into Allfast website
  • Create an order for the products you want on the template. Make sure you set up in your preferred order, this will make re-ordering much easier
  • When template is created proceed to the checkout
  • In the order number tab type in MASTER in capitals and proceed through the checkout

Go back into your account and the Reorder template will appear here:

       Before template         Template will appear here         Template created       

The re-order template will not change unless you use ‘MASTER’ as the order number. Use ‘MASTER’ as the order number to update and add / delete products the reorder template.

Using the reorder template

Click on the ‘Add Master Template To Cart’

  • Add in order quantities
  • Click on the X to delete items
  • When complete proceed through to the check to place order


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